About the Artist

Gwynneth T. Heaton

Both an artist and a writer (EnglishPronouns.Ca) Gwynneth paints in vibrant acrylics.

Her paintings are varied, full of energy and passion. She has studied under many artists but those who have influenced her most are Don Cavin, Brian Atyeo, and Steve Rose, while Mary Intven Wallace taught her the basics in acrylics. She began painting with watercolours, but turned also to acrylics several years ago. She likes to paint landscapes, interpreting them according to her mood, from somewhat realistic impressions, to abstracts and then beyond to almost completely non-objective paintings. She also enjoys putting life onto her canvases by painting animals and birds.

She displays her paintings with the Don Valley Art Club and the Willowdale Group of Artists, both in Toronto, and sells them at their exhibitions as well as privately.